miércoles, 1 de abril de 2015

The past 3 months I've been working for The Throne Room Environment Art Challenge in Polycount. I'll be posting some images of the process, but before that, a description of the environment:

On strange lands, a tower is found, consumed by trees. Its top floor holds a throne room, a grand but perhaps menacing place in other times. Was it abandoned? The colossal roots piercing metal walls, the vines consuming and claiming spots suggest otherwise. Whether this empire or kingdom moved on or was taken out by force, this building of theirs still holds some special kind of magnificence.

Software to be used:
Substance Designer
Substance Painter
Unreal Engine 4

I’m going for something that could be found in a fantasy setting. I’d like to mix in metal with plants, pipes, cool architecture and even cooler textures. Big ambitions, little time left. Let’s work!!

Initial Concepts

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